Private Chef

Whether your vacation plans take you to destinations without many dining options, or you prefer to stay out of the public eye, Marc is available to come cook for you in the privacy of your own home. Using his broad knowledge of global cuisines, Marc tailors his memorable menus based on your preferences, drawing inspiration from the season and your locale.

With experience working for vegan, gluten-free, and low/no carb households, Marc excels at creating menus that meet your dietary needs, without sacrificing taste.

Personal Culinary Trainer

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook looking to reduce your reliance on recipes, or a busy executive who’s looking for a rewarding hobby, Marc caters his sessions to fit your schedule and meet your needs. With flexible one-on-one tutelage and a curriculum tailored to achieve your unique goals in the kitchen, his sessions move at your pace, covering just the topics you want to learn about, without the overhead of a generic culinary program.

Marc’s philosophy, is that cooking is about understanding the balance of tastes, textures and flavors that you enjoy, leveraging basic cooking techniques to turn quality ingredients into dishes that you will love. To that end, he focuses on laying the groundwork to allow you to cook what you love, not what some cookbook author thinks you should make.