Marc Matsumoto is a private chef, marketing guru and food photographer who has appeared on television, radio and in print around the world. Please contact Marc to request an interview.


Travel Channel – TBD: Booze Traveller
Tokyo MX (Japan) – August 25, 2011: Golden Hour (Live)
Food Network – June, 28, 2011: Chopped: Thyme Flies (Episode CQ0709H) Food Network
Food Network – August 1st, 2010: Grill It! with Bobby Flay: Finger Lickin’ Chicken (Episode GT0307H) Food Network
CBS – May 10, 2010: CBS The Early Show


NPR – April 15, 2010: All Things Considered with Amy Eddings

NPR – March 27, 2009: produced by Gretta Cohn


Japan Times – April 8, 2014: “Matsumoto sees washoku as a way for Japan to connect with the world, or to decrease the disconnect between Japan and everywhere else.” Sharpen your kitchen skills with No Recipes by J.J. O’Donoghue

American Way Magazine – April 1, 2011: “Every spring, Matsumoto takes a group of paying customers up to a park in Westchester County, where they spend the morning collecting wild fiddlehead ferns, ramps (a type of wild leek), stinging nettles and morel mushrooms, among other things.” Backyard Buffet by Karen Leland

Market Watch – January 12, 2011: “A blog is a portfolio piece that helps you build your brand and secure other work.”Blogging All The Way To The Bank by Marty Orgel

Korea Daily – November 18, 2010: 일본계 “몸에 좋고 맛 있고…나는 한식 전도사” by Jin Seong Cheol

The Hindu – April 23, 2010: “Marc Matsumoto, whose inspiring No Recipies blog encourages readers to be joyfully creative in the kitchen instead of grimly following rules…”Food, blog by blog by Shonali Muthalaly

Daily News – August 1, 2009: Small kitchen confidential: New Yorkers make big meals in tiny spaces by Gina Salamone

The Wall Street Journal – April 1, 2009 : “… Matsumoto focuses on technique and inspiration, rather than detailed instructions” A Shift to Recipe-less Cooking by Pervaiz Shallwani

USA Today – March 25, 2009: “… he threw himself into building his “dream job” as a food personality” Laid off? Here’s a silver lining by Laura Vanderkam

NBC News – March 11, 2009: “He writes a food blog called and is thinking about becoming a food writer.”Gen Xers get hit with a double whammy by Eve Tahmincioglu

New York Times – February 13, 2009: “The menu includes foie gras with persimmon port and lobster sous vide with yuzu butter” Days of Wine and Roses Are Over This Valentine’s by Jennifer 8. Lee

Daily News – December 22, 2008: “His idea is to help people learn techniques so they enjoy cooking more.”Making moonlighting work by Mildred L. Culp

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