In 2007, Marc founded, a website dedicated to making the preparation of delicious wholesome food accessible and interesting to people of all skill levels. Today, No Recipes has become a global platform for improving the quality of food that people eat, with over a million chefs, homemakers and kitchen newbies frequenting the site each month, seeking to elevate their technique while expanding their global palette.

With a global clientele ranging from restaurants to royalty, Marc now provides his services as a recipe developer, private chef and restaurant consultant.

Recipe Developer

In addition to creating recipes for his own website, Marc is a regular contributor on PBS Food and has produced recipes for national brands such as Nissin, HP and Peanut Butter & Co. Whether he’s using his knowledge of cuisines from around the world to improve upon classics or he’s inventing entirely new dishes, Marc employs a rigorous combination of experimentation and testing to develop recipes that are both easy to follow and exceptionally delicious. Like any creative process, recipe development is part art and part science. Marc has developed the following framework to guide his recipe development and ensure he consistently exceeds his client’s expectations.

Ideation – This is a collaborative process where Marc works with clients to understand their requirements and desires in order to create dishes that fit their needs. These concepts are presented for approval before any development work begins.

Development – During the development process Marc creates a base recipe, following up with as many as a dozen iterations, adjusting ingredients and preparation techniques before selecting the best one, factoring in ease of preparation, visual presentation, and most importantly taste. The recipe is then documented and photographed.

Testing – The finished recipe is tested to ensure it’s reproducible by following the steps precisely. Recipes can optionally undergo additional testing by third-party recipe testers for further validation.

To make an inquiry, about having recipes developed for your business, please contact Marc.

Culinary Consultant

Whether you’re an aspiring restaurateur or looking to revitalize an existing restaurant, Marc has the culinary, creative and business experience to work with you and your team to turn a concept into a profitable menu. Past clients include a chain of pâtisseries in Kyoto, Japan looking to infuse their French pastries with local ingredients, as well as a New York restaurant looking to lower costs while increasing return visits.

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Personal Culinary Trainer

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook looking to reduce your reliance on recipes, or a busy executive who wants to cook for your family and friends, Marc caters his sessions to fit your schedule and meet your needs. With flexible one-on-one tutelage and a curriculum tailored to achieve your unique goals, his sessions move at your pace, covering just the topics you want to learn about, without the overhead of a generic culinary program.

Marc’s philosophy is that cooking is about understanding the balance of tastes, textures and flavors that you enjoy, and then turning that into food that fits your profile. To that end, he focuses on laying the groundwork to allow you to cook without relying on recipes. The rest is simply a matter of learning some basic techniques, which you’ll learn through cooking whole dishes rather than through menial repetition.

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Private Chef

Whether your vacation plans take you to destinations without many dining options, or you are entertaining guests, Marc can come cook for you in the privacy of your own home. Using his broad knowledge of global cuisines, Marc tailors his memorable menus based on your preferences, drawing inspiration from the season and locale.

With experience working for vegan, gluten-free, and low/no carb households, Marc excels at creating menus that meet your dietary needs, without sacrificing taste.

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